News and Views
Editor: Aniko Ujvari
Editorial office: Budapest, Jozsef u. 12. 3/1 1084 Hungary
Biannual newsletter of the European Baptist Women's Union
June 2006 issue


Table of Contents:

Editorial - Aniko Ujvari

Presidential letter - Ewa Gutkowska


Annual Meeting of the Executive Committee in Norway - Janny Kingma

Algard was the Meeting Place for Europe - Kirsti Solberg Liland

German Baptist Women's Council 2006 - Annegret Druke

Linda Dillow: Intimate Issues Conference, in Hungary - Ildiko Kovacs

God's Thinking of You - sent by Afaf Bassous


With love from the Netherlands - Wies Dijkstra


"...I was in prison and you came to Me"- Olga Mocan

God's Cake

The Holy Alphabet

All the way from heart-ache valley to perky peak - Aniko Williams

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News and Views,
June 2006 issue.
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